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4/10/ Vance Creek Road Race - Categoría 3 Hombres Final (2 Vueltas) Yee Feng

No serás el último si viajas rápido.
Gran video, es muy fácil entrenar con él.

Participantes: 22 


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Power Tuning

You can fine-tune power response of Ambalco game. The matter is Ambalco counts only your cadence, it has no clue about the resistance level you set on your bike. So the power measurements can be out of sync. For example, at candence 70rpm Ambalco typically shows power level about 75wt and the speed of 20km/h. At the same time, your bike can be set to high resistance level and it shows 25km/h at the same cadence rate of 70. No problems! Just set 120% power gain using this slider.

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