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indoor cycling video by calineophyte
indoor cycling video by Prima Tappa
indoor cycling video by lmrecorders

Road cycling: adrenaline junkies welcome!

Road cycling: adrenaline junkies welcome!

All I want is an endless road, all I need is a breakless bike. Any sorrow is left behind if pedalling fast enough.

Start easy, no warming up means no ride. It's all about the heart rate.

At 120 bpm the brain chakra opens - the mind is clear and creative, solutions for all the problems in the world come easy. Up to 130 bpm it's a great time for thinking.

At 140 bpm performance comes first, all the blood goes to muscles and the brain gets empty. Great moment! The brain needs to relax from time to time, that's why some people drink alcohol.

At 165 bpm you believe you can fly - they call it 'runners high'. Riding road bike downhill feels like you can spread your wings and fly away! That's what adrenaline and dopamine mix does to your mind. It's not happiness, but we feel so confident, brave, and cheerful that we call it happiness. Every road cyclist has two dopamine blood pumps in his/her heaps: heart is not the only motor in our bodies, hips pump the blood too.

At 180 bpm normal people feel bad, sporty people feel fine, but the limit is here. It is not healthy to have heart rate as high for a long time. Please go back to lower bpm, we need you alive.

Good news: those who are into road cycling don't need another drugs. Not so good news: you need tons of vitamins and good night sleep - that's not always possible. But the most important things are a reliable road bike and some long, low-traffic, endless road to chase the sun until the horizon becomes your finish line.

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indoor cycling video by 정승렬

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16 min
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