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indoor cycling video by Vi nce
indoor cycling video by MTB Cristianos

Downhill cycling videos

Downhill cycling videos

You were a child, and you fixated for a long time this frightful slope, stretching from an inaccessible area, the tallest peak you’ve seen even in your dreams. You’ve beaten it when you were ten, on your first mountain bike, helmetless, and reckless, leaving a dirt trail behind that will hang in the air for years to come.

As you’ve gotten older, the hills became mountains. You rode different mountain bikes, sturdier, lighter and faster, but one thing remains the same – you’d first fix your eyes on the soon-to-be-beaten peak, and intensely watch it, still tasting that first dirt on the back of your tongue.

It seems you got a hang of it really fast. Now, you’re a semi-pro competitor, your track times are getting better and better, you have what it takes to be the champion. But, every single time as you go downhill, it’s like you’re in a dream. You go down that very first hill, the shrubbery hitting your knees, ending with dirt-laced socks, the whirlwind in your ears, the sky dark and thundering, announcing a storm. 

Now, you’re a champ, unbeaten for years, it seems that you don’t have a competition. Well, before getting ready for one of the winter races, you notice this girl, sitting on the snow and carefully watching the hilltop. The taste of the dirt lingers on your tongue, the quiet mountain air clears your head.

“This will be something” – you think while putting on the gloves, ready to be finally beaten.

279 downhill cycling videos.

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indoor cycling video by The Singletrack Sampler

indoor cycling video by konerock09
indoor cycling video by uve444

indoor cycling video by Mati Allik
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indoor cycling video by Dave LoPresti
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indoor cycling video by Łukasz Gidel
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