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indoor cycling video by liam cahill
indoor cycling video by Bob Ryskamp

Peloton and team cycling videos

Peloton and team cycling videos

We love the endless roads. We plan our journeys carefully, paying attention to every detail, counting kilometers and evaluating every risk. Destination is less important, we find our joy on the road. Even more than planning, we love to cycle. And even more than that, we love our friends. We are the cycling team.

Maybe you’ve seen us from your car, pedaling together on the driveway, staying very close to each other, and completely absorbed by our invisible mission. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s cold or the sun burns us. You’ll arrive way before us, but we’ll have more stories to tell. We dance with the wind and take the lead one after the other. It is a group dance, with a special choreography, where every single role is important. We move as one, we feel as one, we fall as one. Being together is our strength, arriving together is our glory, falling together is our destiny. And when we fall...Ah, when we fall... Flesh and blood come together and unite us forever. We are the brave army of tight clothing. No man is left behind.

In road cycling there's no lonely champions. It's always the team that carries them until the last 5 kilometers. And this last 5 kilometers are usually full of spectators and photographers ready to capture every moment of the champion's duel. But the main work is done by the teams, they are the rockets that deliver champions to the award ceremony.

It's so easy to ride in the team, being covered from the front wind - you can stop pedalling at all, the team just carries you. This must be what the birds feel flying South in their birdflock. They come in sync and dive in flying nirvana.

Stopped for a minute and now your team is half mile ahead? OMG you're in trouble. Here is where the Hell begins. Burning and fighting can't bring you closer, you do your best but it's extremely hard to catch up. Lots of pain for every feet of gain. But when the exhausted ghost of you finally comes close to the team mates wheel, you can relax. Stop pedalling, and welcome to nirvana.

While leading your group, you do more than you can. And the reason is not "Harden up, glass cranks!" that you might hear if going slow. The reason is the responsibility you feel when you see the endless line of cyclists behind you while entering some long turn.

It stays with you after the finish line: anytime you feel pressure and think of giving up, you say to yourself "Glass cranks! harden up, amateur!" - and you feel the power of your team again.

Team cycling is good for your body, as well as for your spirit. You feel protected; you belong to a group that takes care of you. Sharing responsibilities and victories makes you a wiser person, a kinder person. Team cycling is an investment in your soul, in your happiness. And you’ll find happiness not at the end of the road, but in the journey.

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