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indoor cycling video by RaceAtlas

GoPro cycling

GoPro cycling

“It seems like it doesn’t get better than this”, you thought while binge watching the random POV YouTube footage of parachuting, sky-diving, base jumping, wing suited daredevils. Two clicks from there, and you’ve got yourself a similar recording device of your own, still thinking you could not top off the things you’ve seen.

Mounted on a helmet, it looks like a matchbox with a lens, a mere toy. Until you take it out for a spin.

You’ve got your mountain bike to a best downhill location you know of, a hill peak just outside the town. The trail you’re going to descend is nothing but bare rocks and gravel, a nightmare for inexperienced bikers.

You go down the ledge, cracking the rock in two, getting some air time, making your way down in what seems like a split second, adrenaline rushed mayhem.

Then you rewind the video to the point where you almost swerved from a cliff.

Then you fast-forward it to that risky jump.

Then you pause whilst in the air, gazing at the lush hills some 10 miles ahead.

Then you go back to that two second bit where you slide almost sideways. You make a gif out of it, of course.

Then you play that starting part, just listening to the sound of air rushing into the camera’s mic.

Then you upload the uncut video.

As the view count hits the roof, you think: “I can surely get better than this”.

The matchbox’ lens looks at you from the table, almost ready to wink.

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Magic is simple
You push the pedals, we speed up the video. The app is free and ads-free.

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