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indoor cycling video by Greg Larkins
indoor cycling video by Danu
indoor cycling video by Bike Blogger

Bike to work: the only chain that that sets you free is on your bike

Bike to work: the only chain that that sets you free is on your bike

As always, you’re late for work. First, you’re up a bit late, then you’re having your breakfast on the go, the car is not starting up, the traffic is a mess, and as you’re approaching the office premises you’re always waiting for a parking spot to free up. As you’re exiting the car, the same thing always happens in about the same fashion – you’re seeing them come in waves, you’re watching them arrive before you, even though you know that they left their home way later than you. There’s always a smile on their faces, their skin is tanned, their countenance healthy, and their walk full of self-confidence, springy, joyful and energetic.

There’s a catch why they are always ahead of you – their bikes. Of all shapes and sizes, of all colors and bell sounds, of all ages and stages of maintenance, they always seem to be faster than an average car. There are no traffic jams that could stop them, they have their own tracks, and you’re exercising on the go – the longer you go, the healthier you are.

The next morning you snooze your alarm longer then you should have. You eat your breakfast without haste. You put on your helmet. You pack your work bag calmly, double checking if everything is there. And you’re on, riding your old bike, greased yesterday, the morning scents in your hair, the road ahead of you, headphones in your ears, finally breathing, finally ready.

And guess what? You’re ten minutes early.

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indoor cycling video by Random Bike Trips

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indoor cycling video by Random Bike Trips
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indoor cycling video by Random Bike Trips
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