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It's dangerous, so dangerous... I wanna do it again! The best things in life are outta the comfort zone, so let's get there!With these playl...
Breathtaking and heartbreaking examples of human toughness, life opportunities and enchanting scenery along the road.You can share every moment of h...
Travel the World
Your exercise bike can be a private jet that takes you to any destination you want!

Winter cycling
Winter is coming and the cycling season is ending. The good farmer makes his sleigh in the summer and repairs his bike in the winter. Screws and greas...
Other season
It is very easy to find a real life Cinderella. You know for sure that person or thing that isn't glamorous, doesn't get any attention, but it...
Cycling sport
There are moments in life when you have to choose your path.  We chose to cycle. But not as entertainment, not as a travel method or a faster way...

Magic is simple
You push the pedals, we speed up the video. The app is ads-free.

We love the endless roads. We plan our journeys carefully, paying attention to every detail, counting kilometers and evaluating every risk. Destinatio...
Why visiting some elite cycling event is better than just browsing Insta #procycling tag? Because of the feeling, the spirit of the event.When the g...
Cycling race
If you don't like the bicycle race, you must be racist ;-)Seriously, those who tried once get addicted forever. Maybe it's competition spi...

Road bike
The passenger is the engine! Food is the fuel. The best transportation device in scope of ecology. And the ultimate fun-machine for all of us adr...
It's all about the pace: the beats per minute is your miles per hour. The secret of a fast ride? Faster music.Huge amount of the videos gamifi...
Take a deep breath, good, you're going to need it. From the drop of the flag criterium racing is done at full gas. Short circuits, tight corners, ...

Gopro hero
“It seems like it doesn’t get better than this”, you thought while binge watching the random POV YouTube footage of parachuting, sky...
No music
Some videos come with the camera sound - no music added. Gear switch clicks and the sound of the wind make you feel inside the the race. However you c...
We are the ones that buy a one way ticket: "just going up, please". Our adventure starts on the top of the mountain, taking a deep breath an...

It is morning in the world. Despite weather conditions, time zone, and life standards the morning is the same everywhere. You can feel the impatience,...
You were a child, and you fixated for a long time this frightful slope, stretching from an inaccessible area, the tallest peak you’ve seen even ...
The city is already fast asleep. It is dark in the exciting way that you can still see the outlines of objects but not the shadows behind them. Every ...

On a whim, clutching the handlebars, eyes fixing the horizon, huffing and puffing like a steam roller, you steer left out of a well-known dirt path. T...
Bmx video
It all starts with the first rays of sunshine. You launch out of your bed in one jump and land on both feet. Suddenly a thought of imminent adventure ...
Winter bikers
In the darkness of the winter days, our 1500 lm lights are patrolling the streets. Metal spike tires ensures the proper noise and atmosphere. Wearing ...

City bike
Toothpaste, coffee or tea, and a bike. This is our morning routine. Long time ago, in an inspired day, we gave up cars and public transportation and b...
Holy crap! My BMX friend got a baby and his mind has turned, he says BMX is a form of suicide. Getting to ambulance is only a matter of time in BMX co...
Road cycling
All I want is an endless road, all I need is a breakless bike. Any sorrow is left behind if pedalling fast enough.Start easy, no warming up means ...

From September to January, we gather. Man and bike, holding hands, carrying each other, face the dragons of rain, cold, and mud. We don't stop whe...
Summer cycling
Summer is the best season for cycling, everyone knows that. But do you know which are the days of summer? We name summer all days between April and Oc...
Bike to work
As always, you’re late for work. First, you’re up a bit late, then you’re having your breakfast on the go, the car is not starting u...

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